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Welcome to Walkie-Talkie Guide.

Whether you are visiting our site to learn more about walkie-talkies for a research project or to narrow down a purchase selection, we are proud to offer you in-depth reviews about walkie-talkies.

Why Walkie-Talkies?​

We love walkie-talkies. Although many people believe that walkie-talkies are expensive outdated technology, most models offer incredible value and remain critical as ever in certain everyday scenarios:​

  • Walkie-talkies are battery-operated and portable.
  • The transmission and reception range capabilities of many designs extend far beyond telephone poles and cell phone towers in different regions.
  • As there are a wide selection of walkie-talkie frequencies, owners typically experience less interference and traffic issues than cell phone users.
  • Most walkie-talkier owners do not need to worry about additional costs after they make their initial purchase investment.

Walkie-talkies are the communications tool of choice for rural and remote location trips, store and warehouse employee announcements and contacts, emergency response events, security situations and construction jobs.

As with other communications products, walkie-talkies come in a variety of designs from different manufacturers. Standard and special product features include two-way push-to-talk communication, voice-activated options, emergency signal capabilities, flashlight hardware and local weather and emergency alerts access.

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Whether you have come to Walkie-Talkie Guide because you are interested in learning more about light-weight consumer, commercial, military, hunting, rugged or waterproof walkie-talkies for children, adults, the elderly or disabled, you will learn everything you need to know through our site, including details about different brands and models, feature options, prices and our recommended choices.

We are passionate about walkie-talkies. As a result, we have worked hard to make ourselves walkie-talkie experts. Every one of our reviews is based on that expertise and the desire to learn as much as possible about walkie-talkies. We believe that our user-friendly website interface, thorough reviews and low/high price comparison links can help you quickly locate important specific details and better make informed decisions about products currently offered for sale on the market.

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